The Road to Richmond: Tapering is More Fun with Zombies (Week 13)

img_4181It’s getting close. I got my bib number in an email from Richmond this week, logistics are worked out, and I re-filled my stockpile of Huma gels. The goals now are just to finish my training plan and get rested for the marathon.

I hit the targets for my two workouts this week, and the other runs went well but were remarkable. At this point one of my challenges is not getting bored. I’m trying some mindfulness activities to focus on segments of runs that keep me distracted, but this week I found at least one better way to change things up and keep running fun.

On Wednesday I took my two oldest kids to a zombie run hosted by the Raleigh Brewing Run Club. It was a two mile out and back on a greenway at Meredith with “zombies” stationed at various points trying to grab flags tied around our waists. Some stood in the path and wandered slowly, others barreled out of the woods or waited in the darkness of a tunnel for us. There was even a “swamp thing” trying to drop out of the trees dressed in green to run us down.

Monkey (my oldest) had a hard time holding back and ran ahead (there was a nice mom and son that moved at his pace and let him tag along). I ran with Cottontail who needs more walk breaks. The zombies were “slower” when we passed, which I appreciated. I tried to remind my daughter throughout that they weren’t real, and she seemed fine. On the return trip we had a zombie bolt of the woods, and she took off to the point I had to sprint and get her to slow down. I worried she would be scarred, but at the last zombie stop she stopped to stare and take a picture with a “friendly” zombie.

They both had fun, and got candy from the run club afterwards which they appreciated greatly. It was a fun evening, and a nice way to break up the week. At this point in the training cycle some days feel repetitive so doing something fun and silly is a welcome change.

I made a point today to head to Umstead State Park for my second ten-miler of the weekend. I could have done an easier run near home, but running on trails gave my mind something else to focus on and I didn’t look at my watch as much. It was a beautiful fall day and feeling sand and leaves underfoot as opposed to asphalt felt wonderful.

When I’m executing a training plan, it’s easy to get lost in the miles for the day and forget why I love running. Goals are great, but it’s good to have these moments to help refresh your spirit as much as advance your plan.

Goal Mileage 56
Actual Mileage 59.4

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