Date Night: NoDa 5K (2016)

For our second race on June 4th Andrea and I ran the NoDa 5k in Charlotte, NC. I had wanted to try two races in a day, and since this race happened in the evening it made that feasible. I had heard good things about the NoDa area of Charlotte but had never had an excuse to visit, and we could tie it with a chance to visit family (and make it a date night).

When laying out the weekend, Andrea and I planned to run the race side-by-side. After the 10k in the morning both us were hot and a little tired, and the idea of a casual and slow 5k still sounded like the best plan. As we got closer to the event, though, I felt better than I thought I would, and she sensed I was curious about what time I could run. The plan started to change, and it felt awkward.

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