The Road to Richmond: Lower Mileage Doesn’t Mean Easy (Week Nine)

This was a step-back week, and after back-to-back hard weeks I think I’d confused “step-back” with “easy”. I expected a break because my plan had several easy runs, but when I think about it I probably shouldn’t have expected any week of marathon training to be easy. There are a couple of reasons why this week felt particularly long.

First, I tweaked my groin at the end of my speed workout on Tuesday and have had to nurse it through the rest of the week. It wasn’t too bad most days, but by the end of my ten mile run this morning I could feel it depending on how I planted my foot. I am stretching and taking it easy, but hope I can work through it (yes, future self, I can hear you).

Second, having to run distances like eight-ten miles at a slower pace than I want to makes runs feel like a slog.  I know it’s good for me, both because it lets my body adjust to changes from hard workouts and for mental strength, but man does it drive me crazy.

Third, I crossed over from the 8 to 9 mile barrier for my tempo run. I changed the route I’d been using to mix it up, but accidentally added an additional 200+ feet of elevation gain and felt every bit of it. it’s probably good training to add in some of those hills, but it made for a long day.

Despite the challenges the week went well, especially the weather. The humidity dropped a little and I actually got to run once or twice with temps in the 60’s. I hope that is a harbinger that fall is on it’s way.

Next week I scheduled a half-marathon to assess my progress and adjust my plan for Richmond. I’m running into two problems, though. First, Hurricane Matthew could be coming ashore in NC on Saturday and my half is in the coastal plain. Second, I am not sure how to adjust my training plan to accommodate the race. The pace I want to run is closer to my tempo, but it’s four miles longer that what is planned. The race is a better substitute for my long run but the pace wouldn’t work. I may plan a combo of the two and replace the tempo run with something else, but I still have to think on it.

Goal Mileage 55
Actual Mileage 55.6


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